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Perfect Profit Plan Academy™

Maximize your profits with your next deposit

The plan is simple.  Get a customized Profit First profit plan just for you.
I use your historical data so that you can implement Profit First without the setbacks I've seen when entrepreneurs jump into it at the wrong allocation percentages.
This includes a detailed review of your business's financial history using the past two years as a baseline for creating The Perfect Profit Plan™. 
You get a detailed evaluation report containing your historic allocation percentages and a targeted plan to grow your profits over time.
The program includes two one-on-one hour long meetings to discuss your Profit First goals, one at the beginning to gather your information and the other once the report has been completed to discuss the results.
One month of group coaching and one month of Profit U are included!
Don't wait to start using Profit First in your business.
Get The Perfect Profit Plan™ today.

Group Coaching Sessions

Weekly Profit First Q&A in our private Facebook group. Bring your questions - I will answer them in a live group coaching call.

Profit U video series

Mike Michalowicz's online video training will enhance your understanding of the Profit First cash managment system.

The Perfect Profit Plan

Customized profit assessment, one-on-one coaching, one month of group coaching and once month of Profit U together equal The Perfect Profit Plan.


About Me

Profit First Professional, Certified Business Profit Consultant, and Professional Bookkeeper

I have been blessed to work with some of the most amazing small business owners and have watched them create their first business profits as a result of our work together.

Since 2007 my desire has been to offer unmatched service and results that improve my client's lives. 

I know that one of the reasons my clients experience drastic results is my ability to hold a space of calm for my them when they are stressed out. 

Accounting isn't their specialty but it is mine.  They know that they don't have to 'get it' themselves because having me on their team fills their knowledge gap. 

I specialize in helping business owners, like you, implement the Profit First cash management system.  

The result?

The issues that are causing you to feel frustrated with your business start to solve themselves.  You know the ones.  The ones that creep into your personal life and make you feel like all of your money goes out to the company.  Having a profit plan helps your business grow and scale into one that you love!

I take great pride in the progress and success of my clients, and look forward to helping you too.

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"Dawn is both brilliant and kind. She has walked me out of so many tangles and taught me so many tricks that save me time and keep me from feeling anxious about my books!"

Hadea - Skagit Community Acupuncture

"Dawn is the person that one would want on their side to ensure that things are done accurately all the time every time. This lady doesn't skip a beat. It was truly a joy to find her and her prices for her services are very reasonable - because what you pay for is what you receive"

Mack - PK Auto Design

"Dawn couldn't come more highly recommended. She is prompt, organized and goes above and beyond the call of duty for me (as I'm sure she does for all of her clients!). She's worth every penny! give her a try. You will be so happy at the amount of stress she takes off your shoulders!"

Michelle -



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